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We now have bed & breakfast accommodation here at the Inn. If you require a room please contact the us on the number above, more details can be found on the B & B page here on our site.

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Welcome To the Stag And Pheasant Carmel

A Lovely First Date At Stag and Pheasant Carmel

The restaurant at which a meeting takes place is usually a major determinant of how things will go in the relationship, whether in the short or long term. When the date that is occurring is the first one between the people involved, the importance of the meeting increases drastically. This is as a result of the fact that a bad experience on the first date may leave the parties with bad memories of each other, even if it was not really the other person’s fault. The location of the appointment determines most of the experience, so care ought to be taken in selecting the venue.

Make sure you will have a lovely first meeting

When you are meeting an escort for the first time, the Stag and Pheasant Carmel is a great place to set as the venue for your date. This will be after you have checked out the profiles of the models available and decided on the one you want to spend time with, Afterward, you would have to get in touch with the agency and discuss all the arrangements with them. There might be a delay while they run a check to confirm that everything is in order but soon after that, you will be put in direct contact with the lady.

This is in order for both of you to determine where to go for your first appointment. Many men decide on restaurants for a variety of reasons, one of them being the admiring looks you will definitely get when you have such a beautiful New York escort from on your arm.

When you both arrive at the restaurant and settle in, you can discuss all the things you want while you wait for your order. The ambience of the restaurant is recognized as being one of the most elegant and romantic that you can find. It will certainly put your date on the right track, even before you get to the food part.

You should try a variety of traditional English recipes that are the specialty of the restaurant, having been made to perfection in line with authentic recipes. The taste of such food will surely make you a repeat customer of the restaurant, just as you would be with the New York escort if things go well on the first date. Apart from the food itself, you should also try out a selection of wines before deciding on the particular one that you want to have with your meal. You could skip that though, if you already have a particular vintage in mind.

The staff would also be glad to recommend a great one that is within your budget. For dessert, the restaurant has many unique delicacies that you really shouldn’t leave without tasting. It would be a great end to the date when you and your New York escort enjoy a particularly tasty dessert, impressing her and ensuring that you both will have a great relationship ahead.